Benlexy West African Ltd is a company carrying on the business of Engineering Works (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Telecommunications and ICT Engineering), Project Management, Call Termination and General Contracts. Benlexy West African Ltd operates from Nigerian Capital -Abuja where it is headquartered. The company hinges on the vision and mission of the company which has been a driving force of its founders, workers and by extent contributed greatly to its relationship with clients, customers, partners, investors and other persons (groups or individuals) who have parts to play in the stake of the company.

The operations of the company are structured and built on these tenets:

  • Continuous Human Development
  • Committed Compliance with Terms of Reference
  • Proactive Deployment of Adequate Technical Know-how
  • Disruptive Merging of Think Tanks
  • Adequate Reliance on Best Practice
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Our business models are tailored to align with all our tenets. We grow in the business and we are still growing. We encourage best practices and we imbibe the culture of teamwork. We are willing to present you with best competitive advantages at every contact without compromising standards.